People search Munich – Find People in Munich

If you are looking for a person in Munich, private detectives are usually an enormous help in finding the person you are looking for discreetly.

In simple cases, however, it is even conceivable that you do not need any help from a professional, but could rather reach your goal yourself through your own initiative. This often applies, for example, to the search for old classmates, but it rarely works in the search for submerged rent debtors.

People Search MunichIf you want to take the trouble of such a search on yourself at the beginning, we recommend the search at the district administration department (KVR), main department II inhabitants Munich. There you can make representations and obtain information from the registration office. All citizens of Munich are registered in the local civil registry of the Bürgerbüro – perhaps except those who deliberately want to hide themselves.

You can find the district administration office at the following address

Leonrod Street 21
80634 Munich, Germany

Please always calculate a certain waiting time there. The current situation is that on Tuesdays, when the waiting zones are overcrowded, the further issue of waiting numbers will be closed from 4.30 p.m. onwards. Please contact the office to find out whether there are any changes.

If the person you are looking for has duly logged off and re-registered, you may already get the desired result there. If not, you will need the help of a private detective agency, which will then act as a professional person searcher.

Professional address search Munich

The professional search for people in Munich by a private detective promises the best chances of success when it comes to finding the new address of a person who was previously impossible for you to find.

Skip tracing in Munich or elsewhere stands or falls with the existing source data of the searched person. It is hardly possible to search for a person who has only an everyday first name and a vague personal description. Even a successful investigator needs a certain minimum amount of information in order to actually find a person.

How the search for persons in Munich works

If you are looking for a person, it would be helpful to first send our detective agency the data known to you about the person you are looking for. These data will then be analysed by a detective free of charge and without obligation.

You will then receive a non-binding offer at which price the person search could be carried out in your case. If you would like a telephone consultation on the subject of person search in advance, our private detectives will be happy to answer your questions on weekdays (Monday – Friday) between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm CET. For the contact to a private detective, who can advise you now, you select please

+49 – 2369 – 20 30 490

Supra-regional search for moved persons in Bavaria and beyond

Private investigators can search people in Munich or any other place. The search for missing persons can also be discussed with a private investigator in justified cases. Of course, a debtor search in Munich is always a justified case, which means that you as a creditor have a legitimate interest in having a debtor searched.

Often the search has to be extended to the surrounding area. Whether in Ingolstadt or Augsburg or anywhere else – our detectives will search for you anywhere. And our experts don’t use the Munich telephone directory to search for people. That would have been a bit too easy and could have been practiced by you yourself. Rather, we use tried and tested methods of operation and investigative approaches.

Costs for address enquiries are often to be reimbursed by the other party

Did you know that in many cases you can charge a debtor for the cost of finding a person? There are numerous judgments on the subject that confirm this.

If you were interested in searching for people in Munich, you might also be interested in this page: Detective for Munich. Here you will find a description of the many possible applications that detectives offer every day in Bavaria and the rest of Germany.

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