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Your advantages with A Plus Detective Agency

  • Experience for over 2 decades
  • Fast operational readiness for observations
  • Experienced witnesses
  • Impeccable reputation of the managing director
  • 100 percent discretion
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment
  • High liable capital (verifiable in the deposited balance sheet in the Federal Gazette)
  • Proven reliability
  • Goal-oriented work

Benefit from the work of a Commercial Private Investigator in Berlin or the surrounding area

Commercial detectives deal with cases in which commercial customers have a need for clarification of unclear or controversial facts. Most cases brought to the attention of a commercial detective agency for Berlin are concerned with labour law and non-compete obligations.

In cases of this kind, you will receive evidence that can be used in court:

  • Observation of employees on sick leave
  • Control of the sales force in the event of suspected expense fraud
  • Proof of working time fraud
  • Reconnaissance of internal theft
  • Observations of released or former employees
  • A commercial detective is also available to assist you in many other areas of work during investigations in Berlin.

How a private detective in Berlin or the surrounding area can help you

The fields of application of a private detective agency are broadly diversified. Observations and investigations serve to obtain evidence. Evidence that will help you move forward in court. And that will finally give you certainty. The main activities carried out by a private investigator in the Berlin-Brandenburg region are

  • Observation when suspected of cheating and infidelity
  • Settlement of disputes over alimony payments
  • Address determination in Berlin – people search
  • Research and observations on tenancy law

The tasks listed are only examples of fields of activity covered by a private detective in the Berlin area. A Plus Private Detectives are also your reliable helpers for other tasks.

Case Study: Cheating in Berlin Proven

My husband cheats: Proof of visits to a brothel

A desperate wife needed the help of private detectives in Berlin. She believed that her husband had a mistress and would also give money to her.

This suspicion arose as the couple became increasingly divided in the recent past. The husband repeatedly spent money on business trips without being able to explain the whereabouts. His behaviour towards women had massively changed negatively.

He has also been on business trips to Berlin from time to time. He could not give clear answers to questions about his whereabouts and exactly what he did there in the evening. The woman did not want to give up her long-standing marriage so easily. That is why she entrusted the A Plus Detective Agency with checking her husband. So she wanted to know more about his whereabouts. She wanted to be sure of a possible lover.

First, an attempt was made to find a suitable day for a check up in a conversation with the customer. That was quite easy, as the husband was always unavailable from the afternoon. On such a day, the observation should take place with two investigators. They should check what he is doing and whether he is seeing another woman.

Personal observation in Berlin

Already at 10.00 o’clock the observation was taken at the Berlin hotel of the man. In the course of the day, the husband left the house. He got into a rental car and drove to business appointments.

After the business appointments he drove to Kurfürstendamm. There he looked at the jewellery display. He then entered the shop and was approached by a saleswoman. But he didn’t buy any jewellery there.

Then he went to a perfumery and left with a small bag. Then he ate something at a restaurant.

He got out and went to a brothel. On his way there he put on a hood, apparently not to be recognized. One of the investigators could only follow with a delay. Inside the brothel he could no longer determine the exact whereabouts of the unfaithful husband. However, the man was not in the visible area. After about an hour the unfaithful man came out of the room of one of the prostitutes. At the customer’s request, the private detectives ended the mission on site.

With this result the wife finally got certainty about her husband. The successful deployment of private detectives in Berlin had brought light into the darkness. So it explained where the money was.

Is your husband often on business trips in Berlin? Then we will clarify for you whether he cheats on you or not.

People Search in Berlin

We often receive inquiries from customers from all over the world who are looking for the current address of a person from Berlin. These could be, for example:

  • Old friends
  • Fellow students
  • Debtor
  • Business partner
  • Family member and relatives
  • Heirs

Of all these people, our private detectives can find a new address for you. We investigate very discreetly and determine the location if necessary.

In justified cases, a background check can also check whether the person is married, has children, who the employer is, whether they have high debts and much more information.

Berlin Private Detective – the costs

Whoever contacts a detective agency would obviously like to know in advance what costs he has to calculate for an order. This question is justifiable and understandable. But it is not easy to answer, because the prices for the services are only case-related.

Each case is different from others and therefore the prices are different. In order to give you clear information about the costs of a private detective investigation in Berlin, we need case-related information. Our knowledge of the facts puts us in a position to make you a fair offer.

The costs of an observation are in a different category than determining the new address of a debtor who has relocated. And the prices for the sweep for listening devices (TSCM) are different from those for the examination of fingerprints. Each different form of service has its own price category, so advance telephone consultation is indispensable for price calculation.

Let us advise you now without obligation. Write us a message or simply give us a call. You can reach our English-speaking staff from 9 am to 5 pm CET (Monday to Friday).

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  • Schnelle Verfügbarkeit

    Wir wissen wie wichtig gutes Timing ist. Deshalb bietet die Detektei A Plus Ihnen eine besonders schnelle Verfügbarkeit der Einsatzkräfte. Observationen und Recherchen können in den meisten Fällen von heute auf morgen durchgeführt werden.

  • Jahrzehntelange Erfahrung

    Unser Geschäftsführer zählt zu den TOP Detektiven in Deutschland. Als Detektiv in 2. Generation ist er seit 1981 in seiner Berufung und hat persönlich mehr als 20.000 Fälle bearbeitet. Die Detektei A Plus vereinigt darüber hinaus die Fachkompetenz hochspezialisierter Experten bundesweit unter einem Dach.

  • Höchste Zuverlässigkeit

    Alle Aufträge der Detektei A Plus werden in enger Abstimmung mit dem Klienten exakt nach seiner Weisung durchgeführt. Wir stehen mit unserem Namen für einen tadellosen Leumund und höchste Zuverlässigkeit. So durften wir selbst für die deutsche Gerichtsbarkeit tätig werden.


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