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If there is need for professional private detectives, forensic experts, investigative specialist, and enquiry agents, tracing mediators or process servers; we can help in Germany most of our clients with esteemed surveillance services.

Whether there are personal or business problems and require investigation, private detective agencies provide most experienced and skilled investigators who are experts in surveillance and concealed investigations.

Private Detective Germany - The A Plus Detective Agency operates in Frankfurt and every other city in Germany.

Surveillance in Germany

The highly skilled team of professional detectives along with most improved surveillance systems can provide efficient pedestrian and automobile surveillance. We utilize our vast fleet of secret automobiles and wealth of trained personnel to provide hidden surveillance all over Germany.

Our private detectives conduct investigation on furtive operations and also neighbourhood interrogation services to discover the things one requires to know.

The private investigators and detectives may utilize various methods to determine the truth in different kinds of issues. To investigate the facts, the private detectives use variety of surveillance procedures and researches.

To ascertain the facts, such as verifying the personal status and character certification of any individual, these private investigators may enquire through phone calls or personally visit the workplace of those individuals.

People Search in Germany

In various other cases, which involve back ground verification and tracing missing persons, the investigating team may often interrogate people to gather any clues and information which may help in solving the cases. The private detectives and investigation professionals in most cases assists business clients, attorneys and even individuals with several cases of financial, personal and legal problems.

Private detectives offer confidential consultancy for various problems and extend solution strategy. They provide their investigation services for various purposes. Your partner for private investigations in Germany: A Plus Detective GmbH.

Secret surveillance

If there are suspicions of internal thefts and frauds, secret observation provides the evidence for the management to take decisions. This may be secret surveillance to determine the severity of loss and observe on the movements of a suspected employee.

Insurance frauds

The private detectives conduct investigation of the authenticity of insurance claims by several employees on behalf of insurance service providers. In case of any suspicions, the surveillance provides specific evidence to confirm or disapprove the disability.

Background verification

The private detectives examine the current and past status of individuals to reveal their personal identity and personality.

Corporate surveillance

In case of any suspects of corporate thefts and exploitation of equipments and machinery by employees for their personal use, secret surveillance systems can provide the needful evidence of such undesirable practices.

Infidelity issues in Germany

There are several persons who may have suspicions that their spouse is cheating on them and often require effectual evidence to prove the facts. Private detectives in Germany will be able to provide digitally recorded proof in the form of photos and video recordings which can be presented at the courts.

A Plus Detective Agency provides analytical, informative and corporate intelligence services to both private and business clients. The secret inspection is executed for solving wide-ranging cases such as industrial espionage, insurance frauds, marriage issues, workers compensation, absenteeism, internal employee thefts and much more.

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